The Get Rhythm Weekender takes a break

Dear Friends,
unfortunately for a bunch of reasons, I decided to stop promoting my festival, the Get Rhythm Weekender, at least for the 2015.
I'm taking one year of break to think if it really worth to keep going on or to stop definitely.
I'm not sure about the destiny of the festival, I still have a chance to start again on 2016, but now it's hard to say.. we will see :)
Anyway let's keep the hope high and probably next year I'll see again all those happy faces bopping and jiving, or taking pictures or celebrating their birthdays at the Get Rhythm Weekender - The wildest Rockabilly Weekender in Italy!


I want to give a special thanks to all the people that supported the festival in these 9 years!
I did the hard job to organize it.. but YOU made it possible!