The Bands

Pachuco Jose Y Los Diamantes
Pachuco Josè Y Los Diamantes (USA)

Get ready for something that is not from this earth!! a terrific act that will blow your asses off!

Yes my friends, the show that this guy can put on stage is really something NEVER SEEN BEFORE! This man can jump, sing, tease and dance! Those 60 minutes will make you scream for more and more!

Pachuco started his career in 2005 plucking established musicians from the Lonely Blue Boys, Vargas Brothers, and Los Rhythm Rockets. 8 top musicians who can create a unique sound!

To top it off, with a special treat for all you dance fans, Pachuco is coming with the Lovely Talented Rockin' Kitties Kat and Cherie! Pachuco will perform as the last act on Saturday night and I'm sure it will be a show we won't forget very soon!

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Cynthia Luce and Los Rhythm Rockets
Cynthia Luce and Los Rhythm Rockets (USA)

Another HOT SHOT for the Get Rhythm Weekender!

For the first time in Europe we are glad to present Miss Cynthia Luce, the queen of soul & rhythm'n'blues, backed by her boys Los Rhythm Rockets, a stunning band from Los Angeles!

The band was formed in east Los Angeles in the late 90's blending mexican rock'n'roll with 50's r&b.

These cats will keep your feet stomping, hands clapping and hips shaking! They will bring the beat to your feet with their blend of east LA r&b and old school blues.

Combine the sensational voice of Cynthia with the raw sound of Los Rhythm Rockets... and what you get... is A TOP ROCK'N'ROLL SHOW!

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Los Mambo Jambo
Los Mambo Jambo (ES)

The hottest 50's and 60's instrumental combo with a unique savage sound! This band has a high quality level of stage show and music. Four top musicians having a wild time on stage with an energy that will blast the roof off the joint!

The Mambo Jambo style was born when four iconic figures from the European Rock and Roll and Jazz scene came together: Dani Nel-lo on sax, Mario Cobo on guitar, Ivan Kovacevic on bass and Anton Jarl on drums. Together they built the unmistakeable "Jambophonic Sound".

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The Texabilly Rockets
The Texabilly Rockets (PT)

20 years rocking the stage of the biggest European festivals, 8 cds and one 10" make the Texabilly Rockets one of the oldest and most solid bands of the Rockabilly scene!

If you have never seen them performing live, get ready to an outstanding show! They will make you bop, scream and dance! A great band and a must-have for the 9th edition of the Get Rhythm Weekender!

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The Quasars
The Quasars (ES)

From Barcelona, a high energy Rockabilly band.

The powerful voice of Matt Olivera, the ripping guitar of Xavi Roman combined with the solid rhythmics by Skinny Frank at the doublebass and Salva Falno on the drums gives the sound to a band that is pure dynamite!!

They released their first LP in july 2013, showing that not everything was invented in Rockabilly and we know it won't be easy to let them leave the stage... Their songs will make you scream for more and more!!

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Ruki'v bryuki
Ruki'v bryuki (UA)

This band was formed in 2007 as a Rockabilly trio but since Alex and Sammy joined the project they worked on a new sound and pretty soon they became the most booked Rhythm'n'Blues band in Ukraine! They already recorded 4 albums and they are a resident band for the Ukrabilly Bang (the biggest Ukranian/Russian festival)!

This band has an amazing show! they jump! they scream! they have fun on stage! in few words..
they make a ROCK'N'ROLL SHOW!!

On top of that, they play the best R&B with lyrics in Russian!

Are you curious to see them in action? Take a look at the official video

The Djs

Dj Jungle Jim
Dj Jungle Jim (SWE)

We truly believe in 3 things: The music, the Booze and that a party is not a party without Jim!

A great Dj who knows how to keep the dancefloor busy! but be careful: When he's not spinning the records he may be behind you with a camera catching the image you never wanted to you see of yourself! Welcome back Jim!

Dj Carrie Hope
Dj Sleepy Gene (IT)

Wild Crazy and Frantic! A big music lover who can't stop dancing when he spins his records.

He filled some of the most famous dancefloors in Europe like High Rockabilly, Rockin' Around Turnhout, Let's Get Wild, Screamin' Weekender, Rockabilly Bombardment and the Big Rhythm Rumble.

Now it's time to have fun at his own festival.. the Get Rhythm Weekender.

Dj Little Boy Blue
Dj Steve Stack-o-Wav (UK)

A full Time Rockin' Sinner !! Steve Stack-O-Wax is a true master of the turntables and is well know for his great selection of Jivers, Boppers & Strollers. He has played at many festivals across Europe, keeping the dancefloor busy and we are very honoured to have him back.

Dj Giusy Wild
Dj Kevin Cutter (DE)

For those who love to jive this is the Dj you are looking for!

Kevin has a great selection of solid Rhythm'n'Blues and Swing, mixed with very good taste; he already rocked the dancefloor of the major european festivals and now it's time to conquer Italy too. We couldn't miss the chance to invite him to the Get Rhythm Weekender. Welcome Kevin!